Resource Roundtables

Resource Roundtables


The Resource Roundtables are interactive group conversations for artists. Hosted on Zoom once a month, these events combine self-reflection with peer support and networking, allowing everyone involved to share their questions and perspectives on a theme.

A first series of 8 roundtables, titled In Conversation with Company Concentric, took place from May to December 2020. The second series, presented under the new name Resource Roundtables, ran from July 2021 to April 2022. Supported by Arts Council England, it offered 10 Zoom events and 10 toolboxes of resources.

An invaluable resource in both meeting other creatives and better understanding their approaches and struggles within the industry.

Ellen, composer

It has been so warming to talk about these topics and how we're all in our journey to take better care of ourselves!

Giulia, 2D animator

This series of conversations is highly refreshing, insightful and inspirational - and the hosts are superb.

Owen, composer
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  1.  Working for the Collective
  2.  Designing your Digital Content
  3.  Practicing Gender Awareness
  4.  Cultivating Self-Care for Creatives
  5.  Boosting your Creativity
  6.  ADHD in the Creative Space
  7.  Managing your Freelance Finances
  8.  Community-Engaged Practices
  9.  Writing About your Creative Work
  10.  Creating Spaces of Care

I could take part in as much or as little of the conversation as I felt like on the day and still feel part of something really quite community like. It was also so great to be talking in a group of artists from such diverse backgrounds who offered a range of perspectives on topics, and for the company members to take an equal position within the conversation amongst the group of artists at the same time as facilitating.

Meera, dance artist

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